One of my favorite projects to date is gaining some traction on Tik-Tok, BUT when I made the original video to post, I was using a new editing App which overlaid music without my knowing. SO! I’m re-posting this project, and making a blog post to go along with it.

This project was almost TOO easy, and the best update ever. I know SO many people who have this exact ikea bed from college (haha) so if you have it too, dont hesitate to change it up. It’s really simple!

First things first – Here is the bed in it’s original state.

We’ve all seen this bed right? Lol

Anyway, I started by taking a look at some inspiration (bed frames that cost upward of $2,000)

Honestly, I wasn’t too intimidated from the very beginning because I hated the Ikea bed, and I’ve reupholstered multiple couches before, with weird turns and seams. This seems simple enough, right? Let’s go through the steps.

The results of a quick head/foot board wrap:

View more of the process here:

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