I cannot believe it took me so long to make curtains for this room. I was weary of taking on such long curtains – Lots of material, very little room for error. I finally decided I was over being spooked in our living room at night. LOL

I decided to take a trip to Affordable Fabrics in Rocky Hill, CT. Affordable Fabrics has two locations – One in Uncasville CT (my fav,) and the one that is closest to me – Rocky Hill. This Fabric shop is a hit-or-miss sitch, BUT! You can’t beat the prices. I remember when the fabric was $2.99/yd and my Mom remembers when it was $1.99/yd. Inflation sucks, but you still can’t beat buying upholstery fabrics for $2.99.

I found a fabric that had kind of a funky vibe, but the embroidered detail was on the ends of the fabric. I chose to cut the design off & still had plenty of room for curtains that would span the entire wall of doors.

I used our loft for the measurements (lol) and hoped for the best. I also will add that I decided to do this on a whim, and couldn’t be bothered to wait for my husband to get home & find his measuring tape. I DID leave myself some wiggle room by leaving the bottom of the curtains longer than necessary and hemmed them after they fell to the floor.

All in all – I can’t believe this quick project took me less than a day to make, and changed the entire vibe of our living room. The curtains really softened the room, while highlighting the high ceilings.