intimate/elopement wedding photographer

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Why Choose Intimate Weddings/Elopements?

Experiencing intimate wedding days was the one good thing that came from 2020 for my business. Weddings were stripped down to the bare minimum - Only our best people, in our favorite places. Being able to capture a relaxed day with your very best inspired me to change my business to cater to these intimate moments.

How do you help your clients relax for their photos?

Getting your photos taken can be a scary thing! Most of us aren't models, nor have we had a camera in our faces. I like to put my clients at ease by getting to know each of them individually to ensure that your photo experience is relaxed, as well as the images you receive. Most of my prompts are movement based to be able to capture candid, beautiful photos in an intimate way.

So how do we book you for our wedding?

I only accept a certain amount of weddings each year to be able to offer my very best to the couples I work with. Each wedding I choose is specifically because I feel that my style of photography can cater to your day. If I feel that we're not a good fit, no hard feelings! You want a photographer who is excited about capturing your day. If we don't feel *sparks* on our phone call, I'll advise you to inquire with someone else & can possibly point you in the direction of a photographer who IS your best fit. A questionnaire, followed by a phone call is the way to start! Hit that contact page if this sounds good to you!