We had a VERY specific vision for this home. Chad and I *manifested* our reality one day in 2017, when we peeped at Pinterest and described what we were hoping for in our individual futures. We came across a photo of a Black Cabin on a lake, and we pinned it – This was the goal, for both of us.

Cut to 2020, the messiest year for so many reasons. We’re in the middle of selling our first home and considering flipping another house if we can’t find something that feels like “home” to us. Our realtor found the most “Brooke Brady” home – Basically, a weird house. Haha I am drawn to the weirdos.

We knew we loved this house for so many reasons – It reminded us BOTH of our Grandparent’s homes up north. The feeling inside was pretty incredible & I never thought we’d be chosen as it’s new owners after offering under asking price.

We closed, popped the champagne, and just like the other house – Got straight to work. The biggest change we’ve DIY’d so far is painting the exterior, which brought it’s appearance eerily similar to the photo we’d seen in 2017.

Take a peek!


The home we saved as a dream goal
yes, that is a white bird shit on our black house.

More photos to come of our backyard wedding in our fav place. <3



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