As I pulled up to Robert & Jessica’s home on their misty wedding morning, there was a certain serenity in the air. The soft blanket of fog added a tranquil, ethereal touch to the day. In the quiet moments before the hustle and bustle of the day began, I had the privilege of capturing the essence of camaraderie and anticipation as the groom prepared for one of the most significant days of his life. There’s something inherently beautiful about the intimate moments shared between friends, especially on such a momentous occasion.

Amidst the laughter and shared anecdotes, Pearl (Jessica & Robert’s cat,) made her presence known. Smiling behind my camera, I aimed to capture the bond between the groom and his friends, freezing moments of laughter, heartfelt conversations, and quiet reflections.

As Robert exchanged words of encouragement with Jessica’s Dad, I couldn’t help but get teary in their sunroom, where I had photographed sweet moments between Robert & Jessica just months before.

As the misty morning unfolded into a rainy day, I continued to the charming farmhouse where the Jessica spent the morning with her Mom & Sister. The farmhouse was the perfect backdrop for the bride’s getting ready moments.

Stepping into the farmhouse, I was greeted by the quiet anticipation and bustling activity. The air was alive with excitement, tinged with the calm of a rainy autumn day. Jessica’s details were stunning & simplistic – a true testament to who she is as an artist, sister, daughter, and Bride. She radiated a quiet confidence that spoke volumes about the significance of the day.

As I captured the first look between the bride and groom, I couldn’t help but marvel at the raw beauty of their connection. In the midst of a bustling world, they found solace in each other’s embrace. Their happiness was palpable & the rain only enhanced this moment.

Don’t even get me started on Dad’s first-look.

As guests took their seats, the barn was transformed into a sanctuary of love and togetherness. String lights twinkled overhead, while the scent of rain infused the air with a sense of rustic romance.

As the ceremony began, the rain continued outside, a soothing backdrop to the heartfelt words exchanged. And as the newlyweds exchanged rings and sealed their union with a kiss, the barn reverberated with applause and joy, a testament to the enduring power of love.

After the ceremony, J & R, adventurous spirits that they were, eagerly agreed to step outside in a lull between the now downpour of rain. Outside in the drizzle, they found themselves smiling wide at the their new titles: Husband and Wife. Despite the weather, there was a sense of warmth and intimacy in the air, as if nature itself was celebrating their union.

As guests re-entered the quaint barn for dinner, they were greeted by a canopy of twinkling string lights casting a warm glow over the entire space. The whimsical florals added a touch of romance and whimsy to the ambiance. Each bloom seemed to dance in harmony with the gentle breeze from the open barn doors. Against this backdrop of rustic beauty and heartfelt touches, the newlyweds and their guests danced the night away, their laughter and joy echoing throughout the barn.

Jessica & Robert, it was an honor to walk through this day with you. Thank you for sharing these moments with me.


Vendors who made this stunning day possible:

The Grange of Hudson Valley

Caterer: Fig & Pig

Flowers Spirit Trading Company

Music: Rodney Levine

Cake: Cakes by Ashlee

Dress: BHLDN

Photo: Brooke Brady Photography