Dena and Eric met me at the Danbury Railway Museum for their engagement photos! We were trying to find a location where the cold wouldn’t be too much of an issue – Hopping in and out of the trains turned out to be perfect!  After we were done at the museum, we headed to Happy Landings in Brookfield for a quick (and cold) few more photos. Take a look at some photos from their gallery! 🙂
D&E Engagement_-24

D&E Engagement_-46D&E Engagement_-47D&E Engagement_-45D&E Engagement_-7D&E Engagement_-23D&E Engagement_-9D&E Engagement_-30D&E Engagement_-41D&E Engagement_-43D&E Engagement_-36D&E Engagement_-21 D&E Engagement_-20 D&E Engagement_-19 D&E Engagement_-27D&E Engagement_-11D&E Engagement_-10D&E Engagement_-17D&E Engagement_-42 D&E Engagement_-3D&E Engagement_-50D&E Engagement_-49D&E Engagement_-34D&E Engagement_-12D&E Engagement_-58D&E Engagement_-61D&E Engagement_-56D&E Engagement_-67D&E Engagement_-68D&E Engagement_-63