Meet the Artist: Brittany Johnston, Graphic Designer

Let me introduce you to Brittany Johnston, a senior in Graphic Design at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. This pretty girl is one of the most talented typography artists I’ve seen. She’s interned for J.Hill Design and Pilot Studio. Brittany is the owner of an Etsy shop called Beesigns, where she hand draws each item (examples posted below) sold at an unbelievably reasonable price! I have one hanging over my desk.

Brittany grew up in North Stonington, CT and has lived in Boston for the last 3 years while attending MassArt. She currently lives in Westerly, RI, but plans on moving to NYC or Boston in the near future.

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Brittany’s current interests include lettering, web design, and UX/UI design. To see more of her work, take a look at her Portfolio here:


150 Days of Lettering

*Photos taken at Junk&Java, in Westerly, RI