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Hi, I'm Brooke! I'm so glad you found me. I have an incredibly hard time writing about myself, but I suppose it's pretty important. Feel free to read a little bit about me, or skip right to the pretty pictures. I'm a lifestyle and wedding photographer in Connecticut, but I yearn for new places. I love thrift shops, records, traveling, and my cat, Gremlin.I'm a sucker for flowers and sappy movies. Photographing people who are in love is my favorite thing to do. Nothing is more beautiful than finding someone who loves you unconditionally and I'm especially grateful to be able help document it.

When I walk into a home, I'm always fascinated at the stories it has to tell. The photos on the walls portray a love story captured throughout the years. Photographs of young love, blooming into marriage, and building a life together on this foundation. Everyday, you're investing in your own love story to share with generations to come. Let's create some memories.